My standard development PC installs

I need to write down what I need to install whenever I have to reinstall everything onto a Dev PC. Our company UK Dev PC build PLUS:

  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Visual Studio 2012 + update 4
  • Visual Studio 2012 Extension - Nuget.PackageNPublish
  • Visual Studio 2012 Extension - NCrunch (if I am using it)
  • TFS 2010 Power tools (September 2011)
  • DevExpress 13.x
  • WiX 3.6 
  • XPath Builder
  • Connection String Manager
  • WCFStorm 2.5
  • Virtual Clone Drive
  • Telerik JustDecompile
  • VMWare vSphere Client
  • KDiff 3


Internet Explorer

Enable the Favourites Bar and add everything required to it.


TFS Workspaces

Remember: If you just permanently moved to a new PC then you might need to delete your old PC TFS workspace.

Remove a Workspace


Power saving settings

Change Hard disk to turn off after 4 hours.

Change Power saving to not turn off Network Card so I can remote login quickly.

Hopefully this can be of use to other people as well.

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