My new blog

Welcome to my blog! I finally created one after all this time.

I original started out with a basic HTML website over a decade ago, then moved on to writing in PHP. It was fun when it started with me creating my own custom content management system but then I needed to maintain it and writing in PHP was a pain in the arse sometimes.

The move to a new site started a 3 years ago when I started trying out .NET MVC and loved it. It's so easy to write code. The problem was I didn't want to create my own custom CMS again so I have been on the look out for a blog out-of-the-box so I could concentrate on other projects. Then I found BlogEngine.NET, a project I had seen before but never fully tried until the last few months.

Its taken me ages to find a host so I settled on Windows Azure because I have a Website Spark MSDN subscription and I get a certain amount of free credits each month, of which this website is using. I then closed my old PHP website for which I was paying for the hosting. Finally got rid of that!

I then installed BlogEngine.NET with a modified theme template. My domain now points to Windows Azure, I set up my MX server to point to Outlook where I have an account set up to enable me have my custom email address attached to my domain. All free!

So now here we are. I hope to have many more articles in the future. Enjoy!

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